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Houston directions

For those who will come on Saturday, this small PDF file here should help you find your way from the U of H chapel to the St. Regis hotel.  (Of course, you don't have to go directly!) We're very excited and looking forward to seeing you there!

Photos Wedding Reception Zürich, 20.2.2009

Some impressions of a great evening for all our friends who could not celebrate with us in Zürich!

Check this link and enjoy


We've posted a few more pictures of us that we thought you might enjoy!

Just check out this link

A few comments

The time since Christmas has flown by, and we have been remiss in updating this site.  Many apologies to those who have been checking this site for updates; hopefully with this post your questions will be answered!

First, as to the site redesign, I was hoping to get a friend to help me with it, but he wasn't able to take the time, after all, so we will have to make do with the site as it is.  We are a little disappointed with the whole thing, but nevertheless, we are putting a lot of effort into the events themselves, which, after all, are far more important than a silly web site!!

...Which brings me to the next point.  Fabienne and I have been spending a lot of time in the last few weeks planning the events in Zürich and in Houston in order to make them enjoyable and memorable for everyone!  For planning purposes, it is important that we have a fairly accurate count of the people who will be attending, so we would ask those of you who have not yet sent RSVP cards to please do so as soon as possible.  In fact if you plan to attend the reception in Zürich on 20 February, and if you have NOT yet sent your card, please email me at ted.deden <at> immediately so that we can reserve your place among the guests!

Lastly, I would like to thank those of you who have expressed an interest in our gift registrations.  (And of course those who have already sent gifts - we are exceedingly grateful to you!)  However, we have come to conclude that because of geographical and language-related constraints, there is simply no easy way to set up a gift registry for us that would be both meaningful and practical.  And besides that, our biggest pleasure derives from the simple fact that you will be there to share our happy day with us!  Your presence is truly gift enough.

Thanks for checking our web site, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Merry Christmas

First, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Ted and I celebrated last night with his family, and we are going today to celebrate with my family in Wald!

Second, it has now been a couple of days since we sent out our first real invitations, and undoubtedly there will be many who soon check out this page.  Thank you very much for visiting!  You should know that a rework of this page is in progress, and it will soon be greatly improved, with photos and info-pages and all sorts of nice things.  Therefore, please check back in a few days to see the improved site, and as always, feel free to send feedback!

Our personal email addresses, if anyone wants to write to us directly, are fabienne.deden <at> and ted.deden <at>  Have a wonderful time during the holidays and please visit again soon!

Photo shoot

We had a photo shoot today (thanks, AD!) and here are two of the pre-results... more will come later!!!


Welcome to our new weblog. This site will help to celebrate and coordinate the wedding of Fabienne and Ted.  We hope that you enjoy visiting, and we appreciate your comments!